Why Choose Us


ADD Bio Renergy is assiduous to the conglomeration of the biogas projects in rural markets that encapsulates renewable energy from organic waste products while increasing agricultural profitability and sustain ability through environmentally responsible practices Nature of Project is BIO CNG Bottling & BIO Fertilizer with the total capacity of 16000 Cubic Meter. The Directors of the company are determined in promoting a Green technology company which has a portfolio of low-carbon energy technologies and various products, together can fulfill the demands from range of customers which includes industries from the agriculture, food, waste and wastewater industries as well as the transport sectors, on a large scale. This project is already the gigantic BIO CNG Project in India with installed capacity of 16000 cum of raw BIO GAS and 7000 kg of purified BIO CNG gas being produced every day. The byproduct organic fertilizer produced from this project is distributed all over India.

Giving Back To Nature

ADD Bio Renergy ensures a coherent utilization of energy present in organic waste and giving the same back to nature in the form of fertilizer which makes us flawless for companies looking for green technology. Dedication of our efficient team of professionals, we are soon expanding our presence in other locations of Tamilnadu and also other cities to promote clean and green India through our Project.

Our Mission

Our mission is to produce the world's best products and provide integrated energy solutions to our customers in terms of quality, flexibility and reliability in an environmentally friendly and socially responsible manner. BIO GAS technology under a naerobic conditions possesseshuge potentials for waste management and energy generation where sustainable wastes can be turned to sustainable investment in methane generation and or ganic fertilizer production.

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